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Social Personal Assistant

What about a Social Personal Assistant (SPA)?

A Social Personal Assistant (SPA) will work directly with one or more individuals to support them with a wide range of aspects of their daily life. At home, in the community, at leisure or at work, a SPA will be there to support an individual to live more independently. 

Social Personal Assistants can be directly employed or may offer self-employed services. In any case, all the necessary requirements for individual employers or self-employed, must satisfy all relevant UK laws.

See Typical rates 2019 for Social Personal Assistants, for information only.


Be a personal Assistant

Where to start the journey to becoming a Personal Assistant - PA

Personal Assistant, Carer

  • If you care about the people in your neighbourhood
  • If there is a a feel good attitude about people around you, You can be a Social Personal Assistant. 
  • When you already have natural personal attributes like being kind, having compassion.
  • You are reliable and honest, trustworthy and committed, it means that you already posses some of the marks of being a Personal Assistant.

Some helpful background about You

Personal Assistant, Carer

If you previously work in care or simply supported people with aspect of their daily living, you have already showed an interest in supporting and caring for others.   Why not build on it?

Continue to give your time to a fulfilling and rewarding commitment as a Personal Assistant.

Good to have training, qualifications


Are you keen on supporting people as an independent PA? 

We would recommend that mandatory training was part of your professional development, training and qualifications portfolio. Further development is  important too so we give you access to our training contacts and their online or classroom resources.

First things first: Registration


This is where screening processes which includes among other things: 

  • having a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service check), 
  • ID Checking, 
  • some external verification and membership, where required,
  • Final internal confirmation.

So, Why work as a Personal Assistant?


  • Independent, flexible working.
  • Rewarding, challenging and fulfilling career.
  • Continuity of support services to your clients.
  • Manage your own diary - be your own boss. 

Support for Personal Assistant.


At Connect2PA Ltd, we give access to documentations and resources to help keep you operating efficiently. Some of our support and services to you mean that:

  • We locate and source free or affordable training development courses. Information and tailored advice. 
  • We build links to professionals in social care to enhance opportunities for business. 
  • We are hereto listen and to help every PA on their business venture.

Training, Skills & Qualifications

Typical mandatory training

Must be in line with industry standards to meet the Current and Up-to-date Training Certificates status:

Manual Handling – Client Handling 


Infection Prevention and Control

Health and Safety 

Food Safety 

Risk Assessment

Fire Safefy 

Mental Capacity Act

First Aid - Basic Life Support 

Medication Awareness

skills and qualifications

NVQ Certificates in care subjects, The Care Certificate, other specialist subjects and skills. 

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**Need to stay up-to-date, our members have access to training providers**

Register as a Personal Assistant


  • Choice, Control and Well-being
  • Enjoy supporting people
  • Reliable, high quality services
  • Independent and professional
  • Relevant training certificates and proven track record of excellence.

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