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When all that is needed is re-assurance, patience, trust; someone to be there to offer that timely support. More details?

Community Social Outreach

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Take a trip to the theatre, a day out to places of interest, cinema, pubs. Social events, concerts. Read on to find out more.

Socially Active Staying Indoors

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Relax indoors to enjoys quiet time or meeting up with friends for tea, give a break to the regular carer, domestic assistance. Have a look at some types of support.

getting out and about

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So many places to enjoy in the great outdoors. Many locations across the UK are areas of natural beauty. Scenes where you can relax or have fun or simple take in a bit of nature.

Shopping and Places of Interest


Get in the mix with your shopping trip, accessing all the areas you want, when you want.. all with a little extra help and support.

Support Designed by You


Your support is personal and you are always in control. For various types of social activity, there is a Personal Assistant. A PA that will recognise and respect your choices, you will always be in control.

Request a Personal Assistant or more information

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