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If you want to get to know your carer and want to arrange your care just the way you like it, Consider a Personal Assistant.

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At Connect2PA we offer dedicated search and match for independent carers called Personal Assistant to any person that use care services.  Whether private arrangements or through professionals, our aim is to make those connections a reality. Care and support with you always in control.

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Personal social support that is all about you

Live as well as you can and enjoy living in the comfort of your own home. A Personal Assistant is all about social support, they value choice and control.  The support that works the way you want because you are always in control. A Personal Assistant offers a flexible one to one support that fits around your lifestyle. The type of support that is designed by you because your wellbeing very is important. The support is directed by you and delivered by a Personal Assistant.  

Personal Assistant

Highlights about Personal Assistants


A Personal Assistant (PA) is a carer who will usually work directly with individuals to support them with a wide range of aspects of their daily life. At home, in the community, at leisure or at work, a PA will be flexible enough to support an individual to live more independently. 

A Personal Assistant (also referred to a Social Personal Assistants or Independent Carer) will be self-employed and offer a range of care and social support services. 

Personal Assistant must have all the necessary requirements for self-employed professionals and must satisfy all relevant laws relating to work and business in the UK. 

Personal Assistants vary in qualifications, experiences and type of services on offer. 

As an active professional on our register, a Personal Assistant will need to continue to meet all training, care industry standards, and other requirements, as part of the commitment to delivering high quality to their clients.


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