About us


Connect2PA Ltd started in 2014 with one aim and intention at the heart of the business - to create options for people who want personalised, self-managed support. 

What we do

We support people who want to work flexibly and are self-managing. Independent social Personal Assistant that delivers personal support to people in the community. Support to people who want to direct their own support at home or in the community. We believe this type of support makes the whole experience a truly one to one arrangement, giving their client autonomy to live independent, fulfilling lives.

How we do it

Social Personal Assistants (PA) join our register by completing a series of internal and external checks and vetting. Once approved, they will be accessible to people looking for a PA. We bring both PA and people looking for support together by active ads to the potential PA until a match is located.

Samuel Stephens, Director


Samuel is one of the founders of Connect2PA Ltd. Qualifications include a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care. His background in Health and Social Care started in 2005. His passion and drive for quality support to clients from his team and those he worked with over the years, led him to responsibilities ranging from frontline support to management and leadership. Connect2PA Ltd is the next step in his contribution to helping to connect people looking for quality support with those offering one to one, independent services. 


More to come soon


More to come soon