Socially active & staying indoors

Personal Care Support


Having some help to help a person get through the day, to help with those little things that make a big difference is what a Personal Assistant can offer. Your regular support that knows your routine and adapt easily to meet your needs.



There are times when all you need is another person to stay over for a while, to be there to fill a gap when you love ones are out for a moment. A Personal Assistant is ready to be a companion.



The view into the garden makes your day, so when it needs a little attention, there are Personal Assistants who are more than ready and capable of putting their hands to the tasks.

Light Domestic Support


Laundry, Vacuum and sweeping, dusting, dishes, ironing, polishing, the things you once done but want to still manage with some help. A Personal Assistant will do all or some, always following your request.

Getting out in the neighborhood


If getting out in your local area is something you want to continue for as long as possible, without the worry about being able to do it or just prefer company. A Personal Assistant is ready to adapt to it.

Afternoon Tea, Meeting Friends


Whether it is to spend some time with a Personal Assistant, meeting up with friends, with family, for tea or treat or a game that your find enjoyable. Find a Personal Assistant who can make it happen.