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Personal Assistants offer wide-ranging flexible support and access to the community is a service some PAs offer.

Personal Assistants on our register are independent, it gives them the ability to adapt to your requirements.  When you contact us to search for a PA, we aim to narrow the options to those that closely match the description of the person in your requests. We work with you from start to a successful introduction.

The support you want from a PA to access the community may require that they drive and have access to a vehicle. Personal Assistants with transport may include mileage rates if they were using their own vehicle to help you get around. It is important to check all information including correct insurances in all instances. Some PAs are happy to accompany you on public transport. Establishing what a PA is offering from the start will help to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Some Personal Assistants go the extra mile and will even accompany you on short break holidays. So it is not only going to the movies or to a show in your local community or London. A Personal Assistant adapts to your needs too  as well-being is key in the support services they offer.  

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What's on in your area?

Checking out local events calendar and publications are good sources of information. Social media pages can also provide information. If going to the movies or attending events are things you enjoy doing, but you need some help,  a Personal Assistant can be an option. 

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