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When all that is needed is re-assurance, patience, trust from someone who understand and respect you. Support from someone who is willing and committed to assisting with the little things that is important. A Personal Assistant adapt to the needs of heir client, to be the personal help that is just right.

Personal and other support

A Personal Assistant is able to assist with various tasks at home. So, it may be may be support that is a bit more personal to completing some of the many domestic chores.

Choosing a Personal Assistant (PA)

Most Personal Assistant can offer this type of support and continuity of support can lead to improved and high quality support. This is because the PA will be come familiar with you and the support you agreed. They can spend less time working out how to get the tasks done and more time on getting ti right every time. Choosing the right PA may well mean taking your time to find the person that best match, so it may be that more than one PA was selected ahead of any final decision.

Training, Experience and Qualifications

Personal Assistants have various types of  training, experience and qualification. As standard, there are some mandatory courses recommended to cover a core set of training widely used in the care and support services countrywide.

Personal Assistants can have their own unique set of skills and experiences making them all different in what services they can offer to their clients. 

About Rates and Charges

Personal Assistants (PA) determine and set their own rates. A Personal Assistant will usually display their rates or produce them on request.  However, PA rates are competitive and generally reflect typical rates by region or other factors. 

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Personal Assistants on our register are all self employed and independent. To access Personal Assistants on the register, scroll to and fill in our request form on this page or email us at info@connect2pa.uk. You can contact us directly or via your representative. Look up typical Personal Assistant service types.

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Arrange to meet a Personal Assistant

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